Jim H

Camp Hill Resident

Having run for most of my adult life, I faced a sciatica issue that resulted in surgery. My surgeon later cleared me for running but I decided not to.

My personal physician suggested Burn30. 

Burn30 is unlike every other gym I have experienced. Having a personal trainer that understands my strengths and weaknesses. Starting off, for me, there was little ‘burning’, as I wasn’t ready for it. I look forward to going, I feel good doing the exercises and feel good afterwards. Like the Nike ad, “Just do it”.    

My personal trainer has never made me feel inadequate. In the several months Ive been there, I’ve told Becky, my trainer, "I've never had a bad day at Burn30." 

The exercises are optimized to benefit my strength and well being without straining my joints. I’ve come a long way from my high school days and occasional gym memberships. I walk in the door not knowing the specific exercises and actually enjoy my trainer’s selection of exercises. I don’t have to think. After three months I’m getting to the point of Burning (sweating).

I can see my stamina returning and gaining a healthy increase in my core strength. I am empowered by the feeling that I’m learning exercises that may complement my aging. Running of the treadmill may soon follow.

Tammy Roberts

Mechanicsburg Resident

Since I can remember, I have wanted to always be a “gym goer” but I just never found the right place or didn’t know the tools to use. I was referred to Burn30 by a co-worker and from the first 10 minutes with Deedy, I was HOOKED! She was so very patient with me and designed my workout around my strengths and weaknesses. Every time I left my sessions with her, I would thank her. I know I put in the work, but she was my coach and my life will never be the same again!

When I was growing up, people weren’t very much into the gym, at least not in my circle. I knew as the years went by that I needed to try to get on a healthier track. So I started with my diet first about 10 years ago and one year ago this month, I started my journey with Deedy and Burn30 Fitness. Today is my last day with Deedy and my heart is sad and excited at the same time! She has, BEYOND ANY EXPECTATIONS, given me the courage, strength and tools to do this on my own.

Thank you Burn30 and Deedy for helping me achieve and maintain a healthier me!


David Desfor

Blue Mountain Community Resident

Donna Desfor

Blue Mountain Community Resident

Tammy Macdonald

Mechanicsburg Resident